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  • Who is Augmentum?
    Augmentum is a private, charitable initiative dedicated to supporting game-changing projects that improve lives, empower communities, and strengthen the connection with nature and our past.
  • Who is Augmentum
    Augmentum groups together under a single initiative, the private support provided to multiple organizations working in the philanthropic field. Augmentum takes an 'investment' approach to grant disbursement allowing for higher impact first returns.
  • Do you grant projects that are outside of your policy?
    We do not grant projects outside of our policy. Our policy is reviewed on a yearly basis. Latest review was October 2023.
  • What is your geographical focus?
    We make grant disbursement to projects with operations in Europe (including European overseas terrirories) or Africa.
  • I am not sure if I fit under short- or long- term proposals, how do I find out?
    It is Augmentum responsibility to judge whether the proposal is a short or long term proposal.
  • How long does the entire proocess take?
    We believe that our entire process shoudl be transparent and with clear communication. Furthermore, as we know it takes time for organizations to write proposals, we try our outmost to provide feedback as quickly as possible. As an example, a project received a disbursement within 2 weeks of the recepit of the proposal. In contrast, other projects required 6 months.
  • What does the due diligence involve?
    Our due diligence process involves multiple steps, these can be found on the process page.
  • What can I do to speed up the process?
    We aim to be as efficient as possible, accordingly the more detailed the proposals are, the least likely we are to come back with questions.
  • Other questions:
    Feel free to contact us. We look forward in partnering with organizations and foundations.
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