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Augmentum has developed a thorough diligence process that allows for project evaluation, impact measurement and risk reduction.

Criteria and Evaluation

Augmentum evaluation aims at finding the projects that are relevant to our strategy and provide on-the-ground game-changing solutions.


We only support projects that fit into our mandate and policy, and operations are located in either Europe or Africa.


As part of the submission phase, proposals are divided based on project duration and budget size. Accordingly, they are divided as follows:

  • One-Off: Project lasting a maximum of one year, with a limited budget. Example: Cultural events, art exhibitions.

  • Long-Term: Projects lasting a minimum of one year but a maximum of five years. The budget is substantial and will be disbursed upon the achievement or substantial progress towards the pre-agreed milestones. Example: Reconstruction of a historical building, natural conservation projects, academic scholarships.

Due Diligence Phase

As part of the diligence phase, Augmentum will perform an analysis on the organization submitting the proposals as well as the project. Accordingly, we will require the following documentation:*

  • Annual reports for the last 3 years

  • Audited Statements for the last 3 years

  • Organization Statutes

  • Project Proposal

  • Any additional documentation relevant to the application and project evaluation

* Our working language is English, but documentation in French, German and Italian is also welcome.

Once all the documentation has been received, we will begin the evaluation of the project on the following criteria:

Country Risk Analysis

  • Analysis involving reasearch on country stability, local governance and overall trends an risks.

Strategy & Results

  • We look for well defined strategies, with good KPIs and milestones involved. We want to see a strong monitoring and reporting mechanism and a considerable level of successful execution in the past.

Leadership & Team

  • Projects should be run by a strong complementary team with an extensive local network and on-the-ground experience.


  • We look for clear, realistic and sustainable financial models and budget. Projections should be accurate and provide an insight into the operations.

Operations & Planning

  • There should be a clear plan where we can make a plausible prediction based on the team, organization and strategic track record. We require to see well defined objectives and operations.

Granting Board

Post diligence, the proposals are submitted to the granting board which will require a majority vote for approval before the granting board before grant agreement negotiations may begin.

Due to the sizable difference in duration and budget between short-term and long-term proposals, short-term proposals will not require a board approval. Whereas they will only require a board sponsor.

Grant Negotiation and Agreement

Once the diligence phase has been completed, the organization will begin the negotiation phase. This is where Augmentum and the organisation will negotiate the appropriate details for good disbursement practices and project monitoring. These will instruct the portfolio management phase.

We believe in being active donors. Thus we expect (but not limited to):

  • Visit the project on the ground.

  • Annual reports.

  • Quarterly updates by the relevant team members by either email, zoom or teams.

Once the granting agreements have been signed, we look forward to having a productive relationship with our grantees.

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