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Who are we?

Augmentum is a private, charitable initiative dedicated to supporting game-changing projects that improve lives, empower communities, and strengthen the connection with nature and our past.

Our Policy

Augmentum makes One-Off and Long-Term direct grants and in-kind donations within Europe and Africa.

We seek to disburse philanthropic funds in the form of periodical grants to established and reliable NGOs only at the achievement or substantial progress of milestones.

We are selective in the projects we support and we have clear guidelines on what we do and do not support.

What We Do


We support projects that increase local employment through initiatives that provide sustainable and fair employment for all.

Sustainable Development

We aim to support communities with sustainable development across infrastructure, farming and others to improve on the ground economies.

Natural Conservation

We aim to increase the protection and growth of endangered flora and fauna within their respective ecosystems.

Natural Conservation

Cultural Conservation

We support and empower cultural and artistic expression and heritage.


We aim to support the next generation of leaders and communities by improving local education and by creating Academic Scholarships.

Cultural Conservation

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