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Creating economic opportunities

Augmentum has entered into a partnership with Swisscontact to offer fair employment and sustainable development in the agricultural sector of Senegal.

The project will focus in the region of Casamance, Senegal

Swisscontact is the Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation, a leading organization for the implementation of international development projects founded in 1959. It promotes integrative economic, social and ecological development in order to contribute to sustainable and wide-reaching prosperity in developing and emerging nations. This provides economically and socially disadvantaged people with opportunities to improve their livelihood independently.

Augmentum project will aim to boost agricultural entrepreneurship. A large portion of family farms in Senegal are rain-fed and struggle to live up to their role in the development of the country, to provide food security, alleviate poverty, and curb rural exodus. To offer fair employment and sustainable development in the agriculture sector, the project

seeks to implement an Integrated Agricultural Training Site in Senegal.

The grant will be used to:

  • Develop two integrated agricultural training sites

  • Train 20 agricultural instructors

  • Provide vocational training for 540 young rural entrepreneurs ( minimum 40% women)

  • 17 rural communities are sensitized to engage in agricultural training for young people


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