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Who are we?

Augmentum is a private, charitable initiative dedicated to supporting game-changing projects that improve lives, empower communities, and strengthen the connection with nature and our past.

Natural Conservation

What We Do not

Augmentum will not contribute to organizations and projects that are involved in:

  • Production or sale of alcohol, tobacco or addiction drugs.

  • Production of goods or services for military operations, weapons manufacturers or nuclear military activities.

  • Religious oppression or persecution.

  • Legislative and regulatory lobbying.

  • Manufacturing or selling ozone-depleting chemicals or producing pesticides that are banned or which are irresponsibly marketed in the developing world.

  • Unsustainable timber extraction, growing or trading.

  • Environmental and ecological degradation.

  • Gambling.

  • Publishing or selling pornography or pornography-related products.

  • Persistent breaching of laws and regulations concerning corporate governance, competition, customer relations, health and safety, employment practices and environment.

  • Bribery or corruption.

  • Human rights abuses or whose operations strengthen governments or other groups that systematically abuse human rights.

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