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Rescuing food waste

The foundation "Tavolino Magico" has been active, across Switzerland for over 22 years. With a mission to save food in excellent condition from deconstruction. Augmentum has been a strong supporter of the organization for more than 10 years.

Every year, 2.8 million tonnes of food are thrown away in Switzerland (330 kg per person) while 735,000 people live below the national poverty line. For 22 years, the association's mission has been to save food in excellent condition from destruction (usually 4,500 tonnes per year, 650 in Ticino) and distribute it every week to almost 21,000 people (2,016 in Ticino) at risk of poverty in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein through 138 distribution centres, run by 3,100 volunteers. Beneficiaries include large families, the working poor and single mothers with children.

Augmentum support has been focused on the patronage of the redistribution centre in Lugano - Pregassona. This to decrease food waste across Switzerland, support people in need, and increase the use of volunteers and unemployed across Ticino. Augmentum increased the redistribution potential by purchasing a new refrigerated van, named Chicco, able to support the redistribution across the region.

Early morning food retrieval
Early morning food retrieval

To better understand the operations of Tavolino Magico, please watch the Insieme RSI video dated April 2021:


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