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Supporting Europe third largest mountain range

Augmentum has entered into a partnership with Frankfurt Zoological Society to fund a range of key measures to support the work being done in the Carpathian National Parks.

The grant will focus on the construction of a car repair workshop for ranger vehicles, to be built and operated at a central location easily accessible to multiple national parks.

The construction of a car repair workshop will provide high-quality service for rangers vehicles, free of charge to the protected area administrations. This will eliminate the need for further fundraising of private money by the ranges while reducing the need for park managers to cut down timber in bugger zones to aid park budgets.

Furthermore, the existing and future ranger vehicles, across 13 protected area administrations will benefit from regular maintenance and training to improve driving techniques and vehicle care.

The Carpathians are Europe third largest mountain range (210,000 square kilometres), spanning across seven countries. The region suffers from high deforestation levels
The Carpathians are Europe third largest mountain range (210,000 square kilometres) across seven countries.

The construction of the car repair workshop will be located in Yaremche (Carpathian National Park) and will be constructed through the renovation of an established building with he use of ecological and sustainable techniques (such as low energy consumption principles).

The grant provided by Augmentum also covers the acquisition of a mobile and flexible emergency unit.

We estimated that 13 protected areas covering 3193 Square Kilometers will benefit from the Augmentum grant, supporting over 51 vehicles in the region.


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