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Sustainable development in Rwanda

The foundation "Insieme per la pace" was founded in 1994 to support post-genocide Rwanda supporting human development and culture. Augmentum has been a strong supporter of the organization for 27 years. The project was completed as of mid-2023.

Over 100 days of slaughter, an estimated 500,000 to 1 million people have been estimated to have died in 1994. As of the genocide, it is estimated that 95,000 children have been orphaned.

One of our first charitable operations, Augmentum focused on the support of orphans and displaced populations. Augmentum supported Insieme per la pace to improve local infrastructure and basic needs, such as creating wells and clear water solar pumps to improve social well-being in the Nyagatare region. This allowed for more than halving the time spent on water collection during the day (from 6 hours to less than 3 hours).

Nyagatare is the largest and second most populous district in Rwanda
Nyagatare is the largest and second most populous district in Rwanda.

The creation of water pumps aided in reducing sanitation-related diseases, dropping the time spent on water collection. Overall, with Augmentum contribution, more than 20 water solar pumps have been built, aiding local water sourcing, irrigation and farming with limited environmental impact.

Over COVID-19 lockdowns and responding to sanitary needs, Augmentum also supported the delivery and management of 15 water tanks in schools and non-urban locations, reaching more than 1,500 pupils.


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